How to change the icon of programs like Microsoft word

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How to change the icon of programs like Microsoft word

Published by on July 25th 2012.

(This should work for any program you have)

If you are wondering how to do this then this page will help you.

Microsoft and many other programs will not let you change there icon so how can you change them, well just follow these 10 steps and you will know.


Check if you computer has a program called Notepad. If you dont have Notepad stop reading this now.


Open Notepad. (You are about to make a Batch file)


Copy and paste the next 3 lines into Notepad exactly as they appear here-
@echo off
call "XXX"


Open the list of programs on computer and find Microsoft Word (or any other program you want) then right-click on it and then click properties. It should look something like this...

rsrc/Capture.JPG image


Click on the Security tab. Then look for the Object name. When you find it select and copy the whole thing.


Go back to Notepad and select only the XXX without selecting these "" then right-click and paste. the XXX should be replaced with the object name.


When you save this you must end the file name with .BAT and the "save as type" must be set to all files. Like in this picture...

rsrc/Capture45.JPG image
Remember were you save it.


Go to the place where you saved it. Then right-click on the file and press create shortcut.

Step 9:

A shortcut should apear on your desktop. Now right-click on the shortcut and press properties.

Step 10:

Then press change icon. You might have to browse to find the icon you want. Always Remember where you saved your icons.

rsrc/Capture67.JPG image

The Icon That I am using in the picture above came from the "SteelSquares Apps Icons" by: JDDellGuy.

If you have any problems or could not understand a step just tell me and I will do my best to help you.


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user icon ElectricumViridis registered user on November 16th 2012

ah was wondering if there was another way to do this, i ended up renaming my icon, and deleteing the png in the systems folder

user icon SYNTHCRѺ contributing user on November 16th 2012

I don't know of a different way but I'm sure there is one. If you discover one please tell me :-)

user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
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