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Artistic Ramblings

Published by on December 30th 2012.

Many people think they understand what goes into a work of art. I suggest that if you are of a mind to be fair in your judgement that you ask the creator what was involved before you take it upon yourself to be a judge of the effort. Many creations may go through several revisions in an effort to make the end product more desirable. This can be a painstaking endeavor for many whereas others find it somewhat effortless. That could be talent or a learned skill, no matter the origin of the ability to create we all admire the beautiful.

I would also caution that the budding artist is a fragile being. Often a harsh word can destroy the tiny flame growing within just as easily as a kind word can ignite a bonfire of enthusiasm. In fairness we should not judge too harshly simply because we do not agree with the artist's vision. Offer a kind suggestion of improvement and strive to encourage those just starting the journey. We all travel the same road but many will journey a different path and not all arrive at that place where admiration dwells. Let us learn to walk together in serenity and the world will abound with beauty.

Happy New Year!

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