In 2013 Candy Adams...

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In 2013 Candy Adams...

Published by on January 3rd 2013.

resolves to always smell better than she tastes.
resolves to often ramble on and on about this and that, and seem to be heading towards a point, but really just babble about nothing.
resolves to maintain a clear conscience, or was that a bad memory?
resolves to remain modest and proud of it!
resolves to boycott shampoo and demand real poo!!
resolves to become a vegetarian, not because she loves animals but because she hates plants!! HA!!
resolves never to be caught dead with a necrophiliac. X<


Same as Last Year!


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user icon cdl contributing user on December 28th 2015

Wow! Now it is going to be 2016 in a few days! icon-image/8413-32x32x32.png image

Happy New Year!

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