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Published by on January 6th 2013.

Yesterday I decided to rework my icon sets to exclude the not so desirable images. I don't really like pixelated images much and some of the icon files appear pixelated. I tried different settings and reworked a couple of sets in an effort to correct this, then I read the explanation of icons again. Pffft!

Luckily I only reworked two sets and not all of my icon sets before looking for more information on those irritatingly messy looking icon images! Geeez!

Well it seems that some of those icon images have a purpose and without them the icon may not function correctly for all users. So I am stuck with the pesky grainy pixelation images in my icon files being as I would prefer that all users be able to actually use the files they download if they care to. Grrrr!

Just imagine how much more complex its going to be when they do finally bring about movable 3D and animated icons! Frankly, I can hardly wait!

I just hope Mr.Vlasta understands and doesn't yell at me too loudly for all the moving things about. Yikkes!

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