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Published by on January 23rd 2013.

I know RW has to pay the bills but lately the ads have been attacking me more than ever before!
I have been counting my buttons and wishing for the day that I might have enough to get those silly glasses to hide those silly ads! I looked just now and what did my eyes behold? 42 Buttons!!

Exactly 42 Buttons!! Guess how much the silly glasses are.. lol!


icon-image/8298-32x32x32.png image

AHA! I have them! 42 Buttons to the Button Gnome and he says, "Sure, lass, here is your new Joo Janta 200. Have fun!" I am sure I will if they live up to their hype!

So far no Ads have attacked me! lol


Oh it's so refreshing!


Dang! An ad popped up! Think my glasses need some adjusting!
I don't want to shop at Crate & Barrel!

Dang they popped me again!! icon-image/8307-32x32x32.png image

Think I can get my buttons back? I got a faulty pair of glasses!

Oh silly me! I forgot to put them on!! LOL!! icon-image/8315-32x32x32.png image


Did I take them off? No, I checked they are still on but those pesky ads are still stalking me!

Check people's record or something... maybe the glasses are used!
yuck eew! I got someone's dirty old used glasses!

icon-image/8383-32x32x32.png image

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user icon jojois74 registered user on January 23rd 2013

I got a good laugh out of this.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 23rd 2013

Sometimes I take things too seriously, but... on what pages did you see the ads? There should not be any at this time.

user icon cdl contributing user on January 23rd 2013

Not sure Vlasta, think it was on the blog drafting page and one other in my account..
I actually wonder if I have a spammy flea hiding on my pc somewhere..
I have been seeing the same ads in other websites...

I will try cleaning things up and then let you know if I still see ads.
Don't fret over it, loosen up dude.. all work and no play you know..
I am sure it is my pc and the blog post did make us lol!

I actually did forget to put the glasses on at first! lol!

icon-image/8413-48x48x32.png image

user icon cdl contributing user on January 23rd 2013

OMG!! What did I tell you? It was my poor little pc! icon-image/8295-32x32x32.png image

I was infected by a host of Yontoo crap, not sure how they managed to get in -- must have hitched a ride with a program I recently installed!
It is gone now and I hope never to see it back again!

Now I understand why Google had changed, and the yellow header on websites, and the linked words, and thank goodness I have Crap Cleaner and use it fairly regularly.. Wish Norton had alerted me.

When will it stop! I want my pc personality chip so my pc can be self aware and protect itself and tell me when something dirty is crawling about inside it!

icon-image/8339-32x32x32.png image

Nice to know my cool new glasses are not broken or dirty icky old used ones!

icon-image/8424-32x32x32.png image

Sorry to worry you Vlasta.. lol
RW is still safe!

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