Is Candy Fair in RW?

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Is Candy Fair in RW?

Published by on January 23rd 2013.

I may in days to come suffer the back lash of my efforts in rating and commenting on, in my opinion, some less than adequate sets. I do try to be fair and I know that it may seem as if I am not always so, or at least it may appear that I am bias in some manner. I usually am more generous than I have been lately. I do not want to crash anyone's party or drag them down but I simply cannot give points for work that I am uncertain belongs to a creator. I also cannot hand out points to those who repeatedly do only what is barely required to present a set.

Cursors have hotspots and they are a vital function of the cursor, without them the set just doesn't work properly and becomes frustrating to use. Images that are not cropped properly appear messy and it is easy enough to fix unless you are unconcerned about the appearance of your work. Sets that appear to be created in haste do not rate highly with me no matter what the rest of the community says. I know who has the best cursors and icons, my opinion again but many I speak of are so good they actually are great and I seriously doubt anyone would disagree were they to be faced with those creations! For me to rate others less deserving work the same would be a slap in the face for those who actually put effort into their work and are worthy of much more praise than they receive.

I have literally been awestruck by some of the beautiful and intricate works I have been privileged to view here in Real World Design. How can I rate a set that is messy, ill conceived and unfinished the same as such masterpieces?

I have delayed rating many sets because I did not want to bring their score down and on occasion I have padded my rating somewhat to ease the decline in their overall rating of a set. I have padded my rating to instill confidence in one just starting to create, especially when I perceive others may have rated their work unfairly. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I still have plenty to learn, and I generally do not follow the crowd. I am always open to reassessing a set and invite any who improve their work to send me the link and I will take another look. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong or make a mistake and I invite any who believe their work has been judged too harshly to send me a link so that I might return and evaluate the set again.

Retaliatory rating will not help and is definitely not fair. Two wrongs do not make a right as they say. If you feel I am in error send me a message and ask me why I chose to rate your set as I did. Ask what you can do to improve the set and ask me to view it again. This will help your work and the Real World community, and who knows maybe we can actually be friends and share our knowledge. I believe most of the RW community feels the same way. Most of us want to improve our work, learn new techniques and tricks, and just have a good time doing it!

I really do try to be as fair as possible and I ask the same of you when you visit my creations. I respect that not everyone has the same taste. You may hate smileys, I have a huge set of smiley icons. You can leave a comment attesting to the fact that you hate smileys, at least then I will know not to use them when I visit your sets and comment... if I can remember you hate them!

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user icon cdl contributing user on January 26th 2013

So far my luck holds out.. no backlash from angry protesters!

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user icon JDDellGuy contributing user on January 30th 2013

You should check out this blog post.

You don't necessarily need to "pad" your ratings. The ratings help sort out the cursors that people actually might want from those that are not as good.

Yes, they also offer encouragement and direction to the artists, but if you pad your ratings, you make the set rating inaccurate.

I would say that it is probably better to rate it accurately, but to make helpful suggestions in the rating comment that will help the artist improve instead. Offer to increase the rating if they update the set with improved work as an incentive.
Some suggestions might be:
"Try smoothing out the edges"
"Take advantage of the line and circle tools to make perfectly straight and round shapes instead of free-drawing them"
"Add more frames in the animations"
"Try making the cursors a little more uniform in design so they match each other better"

This is just what I recommend doing in order to encourage better gallery work, but also keep ratings accurate overall.
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