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Copyright Law

Published by on January 27th 2013.


RealWorld Graphics does not allow the illegal use of images that are not yours to use. I have written before concerning copyrights and I still feel a need to remind everyone that use of other people's creations, graphics, and/or images is not permissible without their expressed permission to do so.

It is not alright to wander the web and find an image and simply just take it and use it however you see fit unless that image resides within the Public Domain. Even then you must be fairly assured that the image was placed there by the actual owner/creator or is old enough to have expired intellectual property rights.

It is regarded as a theft when you use another person's copy written created works without permission. It is illegal, a crime, and punishable under law, and you may be sued for damages.

You should always read an image resource website's about and home pages in an attempt to identify where their images are from and if they are copy written. If you cannot find information concerning an image's copy right you are expected to contact the author/creator or the website where the image is located to inquire as to the image's copy right and usage terms before you use an image that is not your own creation and is not designated to the public domain.

Ignorance of the law is no defense.
Ignorantia juris non excusat

I know it may be a hard thing for you to do but it is the right thing and it is just and fair to the creator. If you cannot obtain the proper information and permission required to use an image you may just have to decline to use it. Yes, just walk (or scroll) away. You can attempt to create a similar image of your own without directly copying the original (see derivative works below), hire an artist to do so for you, obtain permission to legally use the image, or just walk away.

If you are inclined I would recommend that you read the information on the following webpages.

Copyright Infringement
Derivative Works
Public Domain
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