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A few of my suggestions for it
on May 30th 2008

First off, whoever created this site has to be commended. It's great aesthetically, and very dynamic.

One little issue is with the convenience.
It's a bit hard, for me anyway, to log in, make cursor sets, etc.

I'm just used to being presented with a login link on every page, not just under discuss, and a cursor set creation link should be put on the account page I think, other than that, the site's very well made.

on May 30th 2008

Huh...Never noticed that there were so many runescape cursors.

Username: Felix f43, non member

Who knows? Add me to friends list :P

on May 30th 2008

A PM system would be GREAT, but ignore me, its just beginning to sound like a forum...
Also, For my website I am planning a cursors section, its just going to be hard setting that up with Joomla...

on May 30th 2008

well, not forum, PHPBB community or something.

on May 30th 2008

Some usability enhancements will be added, but it takes time... it is all custom code. One of the first things added will be tags for cursor and icon sets and more comfortable comments.

You suggestions make sense and will not be forgotten, thanks.

Daniel W.
on August 28th 2009

A way to search by set name might be nice...

on December 10th 2010

ok :-)

on December 11th 2010

Epic necropost lol.

Necroposting = posting in a old topic.

on December 27th 2010

I could get used to this "necroposting" thing. Hmmm, wish I had know about this before I started a similar post for "Suggestions for the site."
Oh well... It's interesting to read about things that didn't used to be present being suggested- like PMs and tags.

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