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send link with custom icon

on June 20th 2008

I have a custom icon, I have a link. I want to be able to email the link embedded in the custom icon so that the recipient can save it to their desktop as a 'shortcut'.
I'm a mac user. On a mac, it's easy - a piece of cake. I drag the link to my desktop, rename, and apply the .icns file - voila. I can then zip the combination and send it off to other mac users, they unzip the package and there it is on the desktop - link with custom icon.
With a pc, I'm lost. I know I have to convert the image to an '.ico' file - and I am able to send that file successfully to PC users - but how do I associate the link with the .ico image and send it?
Any input gratefully accepted.

on June 20th 2008

There is a service that generates a shortcut to a web page as a tiny executable file and embeds an icon on our web.

Please be aware that some email providers block .exe attachments (even if they are zipped). In that cases, you can rename it to for example ._exe and ask the end user to rename it back.

on January 13th 2013

Ahh yes, I forgot you could do that. Thanks for the info.
See if remember it this time! lol

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