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my whip won't move

on August 3rd 2008

when like i click on a icon my whip cursor doesn't move like it doesn't flick on the icon but most whips i see do. so please post some comments and help me with this problem cause it really looks kool. thank you!!!


on August 13th 2008

please some1 reply!!

on August 13th 2008

I would like to help you, but I do not really understand what is the problem.

on August 18th 2008

am on 9year old but i play runescape =0

on October 3rd 2008

Then your "whip" cursor isn't animated, and is just a normal single frame cursor..

on June 5th 2009

ty me to not about runescape but the age

on December 7th 2009

vlasta it would be nice to create a special runescape tag. rs is the most popular browser game on this planet.

on December 7th 2009

There already is a RuneScape tag. Only sets can have tags though, not individual icons or cursors.

on December 10th 2009

ah thx i didnt see the tag
have fun, KT6
ps i added two new runescape sets, visit my account page and watch them ^^

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?