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Cursor reaction upon mouse-click

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on February 12th 2010

heyy, lately ive been trying to get my cursor to flash whin i click but i havent been able to, how can i do this?

on February 19th 2010

As is explained throughout the site, the operation of making the mouse animate on mouse click (i assume every mouse click) is impossible with RW-Cursor editor. You would require a shareware(not free) copy of Cursor XP which will monitor your mouse movement and will react upon mouse-click, hover over or working periods.

If you look around you might be able to find an illegal copy but were not warez so i cant divulge information leading to the illegal files. But yeah if you really want to spend your money on software you will probably not use again, then that's fine.

Im pinning this topic because everyone NEEDS to know about this. this has been asked quite a lot.

on March 3rd 2010

These are the system requirements for Cursor XP found at

System Requirements

  • Windows7/Windows XP/Vista
  • 100MB free drive space
  • 512MB RAM
  • Impulse must be installed in order to download and update software.

CursorXP costs $19.95 USD

on November 21st 2010


COOL :-)

on November 25th 2010

i have heard of a program called i touch which gives you an effect on mouse click but its not too good

on December 26th 2010

those cursors the stardock cursors make it able to click

on May 26th 2011


on June 23rd 2011

Could this function be integrated into the javascript of the cursor. I understand you can add filters to a cursor frame though Java, but nothing to the cursor entirely. Maybe if you add the ability to edit javascript to the whole cursor, we could add effects on mouse click. Possibly display a different cursor during the duration of the click.
(e.g. Open hand cursor. Click and hold; cursor turns into a closed hand.)
Maybe this process is more complex than I assume it is, but if there is a possibility, please try to make this into a new version of RW cursor editor.

on June 23rd 2011

The editor is not the limiting factor here. Windows is. The standard .cur and .ani file formats do not allow any kind of interactivity.

on June 23rd 2011

It's too bad, you can do so much stuff with javascript cursors on webpages, but nearly nothing with the computer's cursor. Hmph, oh well.

on July 4th 2011

Right, rather than in the editor, you can just use JavaScript in the webpage so when you click, it changes the cursor (for this you need two different cursor files).

on July 4th 2011

Here is how: Make two HTML classes, and with CSS, assign a cursor to each of them. Then make sure that every element (along with the body) in your HTML document has a class of the cursor you want to start out on, and an onmousedown that changes the class, and an onmouseup that changes the class back.

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on March 17th 2016


on March 17th 2016

There is a free version of CursorFX (CursorXP) @ but it crashes and stops responding quite often. Not worth it for a button cursor role (pressed), imo. As stated above, there's also a paid version that runs all the special effects requiring more CPU/memory. I believe the price & system requirements have changed since SixAxis posted in 2010 (above).

on November 27th 2019

Update: Cursor XP now only costs $6.99 CDN, so now it's a lot more affordable.

on January 20th 2020

the new cursor is ready

on July 10th 2020

okay put your hands in the cursor don't move forward

on December 14th 2020

Well, I do like browsing through cursors to download. But I'm bad at making cursors.

on January 28th 2021

If you are master in C++ or C then it is possible by tweaking some system file.

on August 28th 2021

Yeah, the same problem I've been facing too...

on October 29th 2021



on May 4th

I cant post cursors anymore what the heck

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