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List of most productive artists

in the Gallery
on March 3rd 2010

The Gallery now contains a new page with authors. There, you will find 50 of the most active contributors. It is now easy to browse the library by authors.

The order is currently determined by the number of author's sets and popularity of the sets and recent activity of the author. The formula is going to be be changed in the future to accommodate more factors, for example set ratings if they ever become reliable.

on April 14th 2013

Thanks for the new page!
I am happy to see that I am top of the list!
At least for the time being! lol

icon-image/8300-32x32x32.png image

deadly bro
on April 14th 2013

and i am in the sixth place if you think that it is not much of a difference then it makes difference to me cuz before i reach it i sucked in this site

Galactic Nerds
on May 12th 2016

I don't think it lists them in order. Does it?

on May 7th 2018

Galactic Nerd your name is cool

on August 28th 2018

I remember saying that... it is a cool name.

on August 26th 2019

yay im 12th

on August 26th 2019

how do you get that glow on your name

on December 15th 2019

Thanks for the page, Vlasta. I've recently noticed that. I hope to see quality content there!

on October 6th 2020

You must acquire a 'black flashlight' from Scunkie to get the glowing affect.

on October 8th 2020

I'm 11st

on December 21st 2020

I guess that I should be in that list because I have recently created lots on icon sets.

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