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Hologram Cursors

Cursors that look like a hologram :)
on September 20th 2010

I'm looking for cursors that look like a hologram... almost. This includes random flickering and grid-lines. It MUST be animated.
Impress me. I also want them light-green-blueish.

Thanks in advance!

on November 5th 2010

lol i am so gona make cortana =)

on November 22nd 2010

Would a tron theme suffice? I never give out guarantees of completion, but here's an early concept idea. cursor-20458

on November 23rd 2010

My new Tron themed cursors are available now! Will these work well enough?

on November 24th 2010

Here's a hologram cursor that matches your description. I'm not sure If I feel like making a whole set, but you could use it if you want, to make a whole set. Does this fit what you want? cursor-20590

on December 16th 2010

It needs to be more blue and the lines should not leave the outline of the cursor, other than that its awesome

on February 8th 2011

I have a cursor of the odst superintendent ive been sitting on for a cupple of moths, i just need to turn it into a set and it will be done. it has all the gliches and stuff.

keep it clean (^_^)

Lost Girl
on April 2nd 2011

Glitches? What does ShadowofIntent mean by that?

on April 3rd 2011

I could make you some...these sound fun!

on August 22nd 2011

I found one! here's the URL. http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-detail/22122 Is this good enough? Check it out! cursor-22122

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