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Fill Snapping

Fill styles that snap to certain degrees
on November 13th 2010

I was hoping to come up with some code to add a button to the toolbar for RealWorld Paint.COM to make it so that fills purple grab points snap to the grid (Integral) as opposed to per pixel (Arbitrary). This would help me better be able to make perfectly horizontal, diagonal or vertical fills, as well as radial and conical. I also want to enable this with the 'fade away' tool.

Thanks in advance.

on November 13th 2010

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. The fill styles ignore the grid. It is definitely a problem and will be addressed in one of the future versions. I would like the grid to be configurable, like in 3D.

For now, you can right-click on a point and choose Handle coordinates from context menu. It is not optimal, but at least it is possible to make the gradient exact.

on November 19th 2010

Alright thanks.

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