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Gallery tweak

...mainly for authors
on November 16th 2010

A bunch of minor updates that affects cursor and icon authors and their fans...

Icon and cursor set creation is a bit easier now. You do not have to worry about the set identifier too much. If you leave the field empty, a suitable identifier will be generated for you if you used at least some English letters in the set name.

Authors now have the option to subscribe to the new set via a check-box when creating a new set and it is on by default.

Alerts were extended a bit and will also include set updates. If the author puts a new cursor or icon into a set you are subscribed to, the change will appear in your personal news feed. Similar thing applies to pages. If you watch a page in the Help section and someone updates it, you'll be notified (more on this later, in a different topic).

Time for the bad news - for some people:

When creating a set, there are now more automatic checks. You cannot put icons or cursors with exactly the same name into a single set anymore (because when unpacking the .zip, the files will overwrite each other). Words like icon, cursor and set were not recommended in set names. This is now a hard rule and your set will not be created if you use them.

Also, mind the set description field and follow all the guidelines if you want your sets visible on the gallery front page. If the description is too short, your set will be automatically flagged and moved away from the front page. (Side note: Repeatedly put nonsense in the description field to circumvent this check and you account will be flagged and your sets will not be allowed on the front page ever. Beware.)

on November 16th 2010

Very nice. Looking forward to testing this out myself.

on December 1st 2010

Nice going vlasta :-)
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