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Introducing Icon assembler

a new online tool
on April 11th 2011

Our family of online tools just grew. The new Icon assembler makes it easy to compose your own custom icon from image fragments prepared by various authors.

This online tool shares the image packs with RealWorld Icon Editor, but allows you to assemble icons directly in the web browser.

icoasm/icoasm.png imageUsing the Icon assembler is really easy - just give it a try. The pictures created with the tool can be downloaded or used on this web in comments or blogs using this code:
[[image:extimg/<image code>.png]]

Also, I am currently allowing external usage of these images on this url:<image code>.png

This can be handy if you would like to make an avatar for various online discussion boards by using for example the Eggy image pack.

I am planning to increase the number of thematic image packs and I accept suggestions and also submissions.

on April 13th 2011

This sounds very useful :-) good idea

on December 15th 2019

Yeah, I agree with Teddy. The Icon Assembler is very useful, now I don't have to use a lot of tools, add a lot of detail, etc. If I have this.

Good luck increasing the number of thematic image packs!

on December 21st 2020

I really like this new icons assembler. However, there are many icons missing. I need the following icons. Please add the following icons.

1. Spheres

2. Cubes

3. Torus

4. Pyramids

5. Cones

In addition to the above, please add 3D icons for creating 3D mouse cursors. You will need to add all 17 cursor roles for Windows 10.

Please add the question mark as a 3D icon as well as the hourglass used in old versions of Windows.

Please reply to me when the updates have been applied.

Thank you.

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