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Just a suggestion.

on July 1st 2011

When in Real World Cursor Editor, I was creating an arrow with the arrow creator and I accidentally typed in a really big number in arrow head size. My computer tried to load the image (as it was on auto-refresh) however it was really big so it kept on going and the window turned unresponsive. I had to exit it with a task manager. Maybe you should make it so once you get to a certain point (maybe 800?) it doesn't load it as you can't tell the difference anyway with things above about 40.

on July 2nd 2011

Yes, I guess, there should be a limit and a slider instead of the edit box. An easy change...

on July 2nd 2011

Lol, i tried this myself, it did the same thing, gotta love it.

on July 5th 2011

Also, being able to animate GIFs in Paint.COM and in Photos would be nice but I understand that it might not be so easy.

(Would it work the same way as in the cursor editor for animated cursors?)

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