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Any Good Music
Lost Girl
on February 22nd 2012

Is there any good music out there? I wanna know and I wanna know NOW!

on February 24th 2012

there's one direction and brokencyde c: im into the screamo and stuff sooo not sure if you'd like

Lost Girl
on February 26th 2012

I absolutely LOVE One Direction! Wow, you're also the only person o's repied to this topic. Thanks Shazi.

on March 29th 2012

I like Nu metal or hip hop ! (Linkin Parck Nu metal; Hip hop español)
And Rock Argentino (Los piojos)... i don't know if you like it too, but try to listen :-)

(Sorry, my english is poor)

on April 24th 2012

My current favorite artists:

Eric Gordon
Ron Hemphill

on April 25th 2012

Koji Kondo from Nintendo
David Wise from Rareware
Shigeki Hayashi from Atlus
John Williams from Star Wars and Indiana Jones

They're just great.

on May 1st 2012

I personally recommend the indie rock band Franz Ferdinand, especially this song and this song. The lead singer Alex Kapranos reminds me of Vlasta tbh lol.

Lost Girl
on May 2nd 2012

Oh lordy SixAxsis

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