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Easy Way To Get Buttons?

on February 29th 2012

I Need Help

Lost Girl
on February 29th 2012

Vlasta could help with that. I've posted a question like that on his profile. I'll let you know when I have the answer.

Lost Girl
on February 29th 2012

There's not an easy way at the moment. However, there will be a way in the future for set authours to.

on March 29th 2012

Comment comment and comment ... :-)

on April 1st 2012

That's wrong. No comments but constructive reviews. Also, you may play Cosmic Journey. That's for now.

on September 4th 2012

Right. Don't just comment, you need to post a constructive review with rating. That's the purpose of the button reward, to reward those who post reviews not just comments.

Then there is the game.. Cosmic Journey!

You can also ask your friends to send you buttons!!
(now how's that for easy button collecting?!) :-)

on September 19th 2012

I often give a way buttons to people who respond to some of my blog post (check my blog for more info) http://www.rw-designer.com/blog/synthcro


on October 1st 2012

Wait... Vlasta is a DUDE? o_0

on January 3rd 2013

lol.. O.o

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