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any one wanna make like a team that makes cursors or something?

well does anyone wanna make a team or a group with me?
on April 3rd 2012

Hey guys its me Gilbert S.Q. im new around here and i have 3 sets already so yea...

well i was thinking about make a team or a group that makes cursors and icons and i was woundering if anyone whants to join :-D

Lost Girl
on April 4th 2012

I'll join. I make pretty good cursors. You should check out my sets I've made.

on April 6th 2012

The proper word is Collaboration. JDDellGuy is 'da man' for projects like this.

on April 7th 2012

@sixλxis no you da man :3

on April 24th 2012

Ooooh, I get to be "da man." icon-image/4608-16x16x32.png image

I am thinking about organizing another "Experiment" once school is out in a few weeks.

Woud anyone be interested in forming a group dedicated to working together to improve our skills in making high-quality cursors? I see potential in a lot of sets in the gallery, and maybe I'm getting too picky, but there's also a lack of high-quality sets. Sirea and I can't keep it full enough and some of the others like Sixaxis and Teddy (And all the other good artists I didn't mention) don't submit much right now. However, I think it would be cool to collaborate and pass on tips and such for learning to make good high quality cursors. I'd like to make some tutorials and such perhaps, and see if we can't make the gallery look really spiffy.

on September 2nd 2012

I'll gladly join. I'm on here all the time, and I already have 3 sets, random, guns, and planes, and I'm working on a 4th, computers. my sets are labeled Custom#: Name, in case you've seen them, i.e. Custom2: Guns, Custom3: Plane. I'd be glad to join though, I make ok cursors, but just cursors. I don't make icons; I don't even have the icon maker. But I'm fine with making cursors. When do we start? Oh, and we need a name, like: EpiCursors/EpIcons. Yeah.

on September 2nd 2012

Oh, yeah and... JJDellGuy, isn't this like pretty much the same thing as this forum entry? Well whatever.

deadly bro
on February 25th 2013

i will gladly join i'm new and i already made one icon set and one cursor set

deadly bro
on March 27th 2013

you pretty much would like to see my high contrast set of cursors please if you like them please review

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