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Handwriting Programs

Programs that use the Handwriting cursor
on September 11th 2012

Does anyone know of any drawing or similar programs that use the Handwriting cursor? I always make complete sets but I've never seen the Handwriting or Alternate Select cursors in use.

on October 1st 2012

neither have I thats why i dont make them.

Say on
on October 3rd 2012

I think Bill Gates was thinking of hs girlfriend when he programmed it :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

on February 28th 2018

It would be greatly appreciated to see in the next update, an option to disable the pen cursor when drawing/writing on the OneNote page. When the stylus is hovering over the screen, the cursor (looks like a dot) indicates the pen tip (color, width, type) that is selected. This pen cursor often distracts me as I focus more on following where the cursor is rather than focusing on where my stylus contacts the screen surface. This makes the drawing/writing experience feel unnatural.

FYI This pen cursor still appears even after disabling the cursor in Windows 10 Settings. Once disabled, this pen cursor does not appear in any other apps except in OneNote.

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on September 13th 2022

One program i know is the InkBall game that comes with vista

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