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handwriting and alternate?

What are they even used for?
on December 21st 2012

Whenever I post a cursor set people are always nagging that I don't include Handwriting and alternate select cursors but I've never even used them outside of the preview box so what are they even for?

on January 19th 2013

That's what I want to know too! I searched in Google without succes!

on January 22nd 2013

I think hand writing is used for paint. (The one that comes with windows)
I don't know about alternate select but whatever.

on February 3rd 2013

I tested handwriting in paint and is not the same at the cursor scheme...

on February 17th 2013

Here is a reply to the question 'What is alternate select cursor?' on Yahoo Answers posted a year ago:
Will responded, "Most likely it is a backward-compatibility spillover. I can't remember using it since Windows 95 for anything whatsoever. My partner thinks that PowerPoint may have used it at some time. Other than that, I simply don't know."

I found a forum post that asks 'Does anything actually use the windows handwriting cursor?' from 18th Oct 2001 here: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1497.

Zerker wrote, "Well, the topic speaks for itself... I generally like customizing my icons, cursors, start menu, etc... but one thing has always bugged me. What the hell is the Handwriting cursor good for? Or, for that matter, why doesn't the Link Cusor seem to actually work in IE? I've seen the occassional program that uses the alternate select, so I guess that one's not completely useless... but it's close."

Who wants to bet Vlasta knows?

on February 19th 2013

I will do some searching on the internet, and if I find anything I will let you know.

on February 22nd 2013

Ok, thanks! Also, good luck...But I mean in your profile only if you knew something...:)

Daniel W.
on March 3rd 2013

I think it really just depends on the programs you use. Up until I started using RW cursor editor I never had any use for the precision select cursor. Now I use it all the time to place cursor hot-spots. The only place I've ever noticed the alternate cursor is in Freecell and I can't think where I've ever seen handwriting. I think I've seen it at some point in Word maybe but I am not sure.

on March 6th 2013

wow. havent been here for a while. but i got a vista and handwriting is used in the inkball game, and alternate is used in my new movie software. (corel videostudio pro X5) so from now on you can expect my sets to fullfill every role listed in windows.

on March 7th 2013

I think they used to be used alot more in the older computers. at least thats what I'v heard. But my cursor sets are weird and usually only include the normal anyways. ;~)

on March 28th 2013

Well, I am searching the same but still not successful.

on April 13th 2013

I use the handwriting cursor in a application where you write with your mouse.
It's used for when you manually write something.

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