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Nothing new here, full anime!!!

you can try!! very different
on April 14th 2013
on April 18th 2013

Your set is quite nice and original but in future you may want to consider featuring your new set on your profile and posting an entry within your RW Blog section. Posting of new sets within the forum is not only redundant but distracts from other topics. Consider how it would be if everyone posted of their new sets within the forum. What a mess that would be.

icon-image/9045-64x64x32.png image

By the way, I found your set by viewing the gallery.

icon-image/8424-24x24x32.png image

on April 18th 2013

My Japanese manga lovers, so I just want to be in the scope of Japanese manga,, I am not too fond of 3D cursors or icons: D

Initially I was not too confident to express my creation, I was afraid people would laugh.

I think, there is still a fault of this, you will see the error when you use cursors her, but, can you help me to resolve this error?

deadly bro
on April 24th 2013

you joking these are utterly awesome don't say that people might laugh on you you are not sure try it and if they didn't like it than you do and that is what is important is that you like it in the first place


on April 25th 2013

this is really awesome, I've created 4 sets with the results of my imagination

deadly bro
on April 30th 2013

yep i said before

making art is not by skill but by creativity :-D

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