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Feeling Lost?

on April 19th 2013

Look at the top of the page where it says Software, Gallery, Help, Forum and People.

You can find all the software on the Software page, mini-tools that are very small in size but can do batches, and also web applications that are in-browser.

The Gallery contains all the icon and cursor sets uploaded to the database. The individual files are in their own subsections, the cursor junkyard and the icon junkyard.

The Help section has tutorials to help improve your skills with the editors.

The Forum contains general chat, tutorials, and support even in languages other than english. If you like something on the forum then click subscribe, to be informed of updates by the sites' pm system.

The People section is where you can view the people who logged in the most recently. From here you can easily send someone a private message by clicking on on the envelope by their name. Clicking on their name will send you to their profile page.

This web was created by Vlastimil 'Vlasta' Miléř and Jan 'Honzales' Miléř in August 2005.

on May 6th 2013

How do you upload cursors

on October 6th 2013

How do you animate a cursor?

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