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How do you create backgrounds for the site?

on April 17th 2014

You can select backgrounds to customize the site. But how do you MAKE one?

on May 10th 2018

Yeah, who I would like to know to. Do you have to be a Admin or can anyone submit one?

on May 16th 2018

There is one administrator, Vlasta. He created, maintains, and updates all of the software and tools associated with this website as well as the actual website.

Vlasta is the only person that can make changes to the website such as adding more backgrounds. You may select from the available background images and customize your account only. No one else will see the background you select.

on August 28th 2018

Oh ok. Also, how do you get pets?

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons