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some people are just lazy

The Male Boss
on February 11th 2015

it mostly fat people who do nout and sit on a safa watching tv when they could have been making cursors it the same with the unempolyed

The Male Boss
on February 11th 2015

got own wiki page to prove some people are just lazy

The Male Boss
on February 18th 2015

also i think people who just put 3-4 cursors in most of their sets are extreamly lazy and rude

on February 19th 2015

Personally I find those who begin sentences with lower case letters and end them with no punctuation lazy and rude.

You would do better to apply this effort here toward your cursor sets. Quantity is not quality.

It is nice to vent and it is nice to boast of your accomplishments but there is a time when you realize that such only benefits yourself.

Wikipedia is not for listing one's personal accomplishments. It is a platform for the sharing of knowledge.

The Male Boss
on February 19th 2015

technically every ones entittled to there own opinion and can write in lower case letter. mabye you need to relaize that i have benfits from this because it makes me feel better.
and second don't say my curfsors sets are bad because some get over 500 downloads.

The Male Boss
on February 19th 2015

quantity and quality because the both equal take for example you make 100 cursor sets and each one gets 10 downloads
its the same as making 10 cursors sets each geting 100 downloads isnt it

on February 20th 2015

If your self worth is determined solely by the total number of downloads you get, then yes. However, you cannot deny that the number of downloads each set receives is a clear indicator of peoples approval for the set. Thusly, ten sets, each getting 100 downloads, is much better than 100 sets getting ten downloads each.

Also, your Wikipedia article was removed.

The Male Boss
on February 21st 2015

yey but your get the exact same downloads

on February 22nd 2015

You are missing the point.

I also suggest that you try a free website like Wix for listing your vast accomplishments.

The Male Boss
on February 22nd 2015

well its the same

on May 25th 2015


on June 3rd 2015

Do people get lazy before they get fat, or do they get fat then lazy? and OMG the amount of downloads? And what about Disabled persons, are they lazy too? Do not bother BOSS, self centered is self centered! Just got the Icon editor, now I can make all those custom Icons for all my cool and crazy lazy ways of life. Life on Life's terms. And to go out on that limb, naaaa maybe not, I hope this message rents a lot of space in some ones head, have a good time all. I am going to have a good one in my LAZY boy recliner. 3:)

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on May 14th 2016

*irony off*

Yes, let's work.

The Male Boss
on June 27th 2016

winner of theme of motnh in may

on June 28th 2016

Barely... you really need to try harder.

Read the TOTM Contest Rules.

icon-image/7488-32x32x32.png image New Update to Rules posted.

See how to easily remove backgrounds from your images using RealWorld Paint in this short video tutorial.

I made this tutorial with you in mind. Go learn something useful.

icon-image/8357-32x32x32.png image

The Male Boss
on July 27th 2016

winner of theme of the month in june to

on September 21st 2016 what?

on September 22nd 2016

I think that was supposed to be a ”too” instead of a ”to”.

on September 22nd 2016

Oh. Thanks for the correction.

on November 4th 2016

...Oh, and The male boss. Please learn how to make actual cursors and icons, like what you did on your buttons icon set.

on November 6th 2016

@ Nibbler

You are one of the last people that should be criticizing other people's work.

You need to learn to follow rules.
You need to learn not to plagiarize.
You need to learn how to make cursors and icons.
You need to learn when to keep your thoughts to yourself.

. . .

on November 9th 2016

<Sigh> Yes, ma'am.

on December 20th 2016

Shut up cdl. Nibbler is awesome

The Male Boss
on December 9th 2017

this topic is in the past

this is topic the the future

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