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A button for Great work.

most downloaded set users must get some extra buttons
on August 5th 2015

I think that a user who gets at least 1000 downloads for a set should get 5 buttons for free.
What do other users think?

on August 5th 2015

Registered users earn buttons for giving good reviews. Many users do not take advantage of this way to earn buttons and it is the easiest way.

Playing 15 puzzle and Cosmic Journey can earn buttons for the registered user.

Users that purchase a Potted button pom get a free button each 24-48 hours.

My opinion is I don't think we need another way to earn buttons. Reaching 1000 downloads is its own reward.

on August 10th 2015


on August 16th 2015

i think we should get five free buttons for our sets that get over 1000 downloads because it takes to long to earn a lot of buttons from reviewing and sometimes when you think you've written a good review you don't even get any buttons or it says that you took a deep breath, maybe too deep? no it's fine and that makes me feel like im being teased

on August 16th 2015

Some ideas may sound good for the users but they would take a lot of the admins time and effort to implement.

The Male Boss
on August 18th 2015

i agree with amaleerocks13
i fell like been teased

on August 19th 2015

It is not designed as a way to cruelly tease the user. You must write a good and full review, many I see do not. You are supposed to work for your buttons, I do. You can't have buttons for doing nothing.

The Male Boss
on August 19th 2015

i get what your saying but you canaonly get so many buttons a day.

on August 24th 2015


.first i agree with cdl- you need to write a full reveiw
.also male boss is 6 in one day not enough??
Work for your buttons
yesterday you said tommorow
So just DO IT!

on February 15th 2016

I agree with cdl COMPLETELY!!!!!!!! I also do with Shantorian! We can work for them, and soon enough, with time all sets will get at least 1000. JUST WORK FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on February 16th 2016

icon-image/8424-32x32x32.png image

on March 28th 2016

I agree! We should get buttons for 1000 downloads, as for real.

on March 28th 2016

Some users actually reward the RW community with prizes to celebrate such personal goals.

They give prizes rather than get them.

Reaching such a goal is a personal accomplishment and a reward in itself.

icon-image/8311-32x32x32.png image

Then there are icon and cursor sets that are basically copied from the internet and contain very little original content, if any.

Why should anyone receive a reward for displaying content that is not their own?
It simply would not be good policy to do such.

on March 31st 2016


The Male Boss
on April 1st 2016

we still get a prize

on April 19th 2016

What do you mean we still get a prize?

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