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How do you mkae 3D objects in the mouse editor?

I dont know how to make 3D objects in the mouse editor
on February 5th 2016

(Subjects tells it all) Can you help me? Thanks!

on February 28th 2016

You can't.

on March 25th 2017

I render 3D images in other software (POV-Ray, Blender, etc), and then load them into RealWorld Cursor Editor afterwards.

on August 25th 2020

Yes you can, but you'll need a older version of the cursor editor.

go to and download the version 2007.1 of the cursor editor, then on the setup you'll need to enable the 3d module
finally finish setup and you're done.

go to create new, and create a new unicorn3d object, then make your 3d model, sabe it. then click render to image on the menú. move it or rotate it in the way you want, to rotate you'll need to lock the X axis, then hold the right-click button from the mouse, and drag it on the way you want. to move it on any part hold the left-click button and move it on the place u want.

finally, click the create cursor from snapshot on the menú, and there you have the cursor. you can now sabe the cursor or publish it to the library.

i hope this helped you :-)

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