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Backgrounds on the Site

Help please!
The Muffin Man
on March 18th 2016

I created a background on Piskel, and I don't know how to put it on this site. How do I send a background to the website?

on March 19th 2016

As far as I know Vlasta is not looking for new backgrounds for the RW website at this time but you can contact him and ask if you like.

The Muffin Man
on March 30th 2016

Vlasta said that there are enough backgrounds on this website.
on March 31st 2016

what about the world of cursors background, that would work.

The Muffin Man
on November 15th 2016 who wrote:

what about the world of cursors background, that would work.

I wrote:
I asked Vlasta like months ago and he said no.

on November 17th 2016

You do not have to quote everything Nibbler.
You do not have to announce what you are writing as a reply either.

Just reply.

The Muffin Man
on December 8th 2016

But how is anyone know who I am supposedly talking to? Replies on Terraria forums, Mario Fans Games Galaxy, etc. have quotes to reply with.

on December 9th 2016

Common sense.
Other people have common sense and may resent your implying that they do not.

Unless you are replying to a comment several deep within a thread/topic it is not necessary to announce to whom you are replying or quote what they wrote.

It is not necessary to address the user you are replying to when you are replying to the last comment.

It is not necessary to quote every comment you reply to. People can read the original comment especially if it is right before your reply comment.

If you are replying to more than one comment you can address each reply with the @ symbol and the user name.

You also do not need to write ”I wrote” before you make your comment.
In the first place the word ”wrote” is past tense. You did not write it before and should not be using the past tense.

It is redundant to write your comments as you have been doing lately.

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