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Delete Program from computer

on August 17th 2016

I cant get rid of the program, even after the uninstall and removing all files from the desktop. I need to delete the program as it is a work computer.
Can anyone tell me where the hidden file is that will make it disappear?

on August 17th 2016

That would depend on which program you are talking about...

on September 25th 2016

If you have fully installed it, and if you have administrator privileges, try deleting the program from the Program Files folder, or Program Files (x86). If you do not have administrator privileges, you "probably outta luck"

on May 16th 2019

Just get the portable .zip version of the program. You won't need admin rights at that point. ;-)

Question Mark
on May 23rd 2019

If there isn't an uninstaller, I recommend deleting the Program Files (normal or x86) files of the program.

Insane Games
on December 17th 2020


Insane Games
on December 17th 2020


Insane Games
on December 17th 2020

Maybe try searching "add or remove programs" in the search bar for windows & then you can delete it :-D

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