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FREE Set Dissolvents!

Plagiarized Set Removal
on December 22nd 2017

@ Nibbler, The Muffin Man:

If you are ready, after more than a year, to make good on your promise to delete the remaining sets you have plagiarized by uploading to RW I will assist you in obtaining the set dissolvents necessary for you to finally complete this task FREE OF CHARGE. In exchange you will not upload to RW any work that you did not create, ever again.

item/acid-beaker.png image

To request set dissolvents send me via PM the URL of the sets you wish to delete, 3 at a time,
and I will send you a set dissolvent for each URL.
Once you have deleted those sets you may request other set dissolvents in the same manner.
I ask that you use the set dissolvents within a week or less.

You may post your response, accept or decline, to this offer here.

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
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