How to earn BUTTONS!

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How to earn BUTTONS!

Published by on November 22nd 2015.

item/button-1.png imageitem/button-2.png imageitem/button-3.png imageitem/button-4.png imageThe most common way to earn buttons is through reviewing and rating other people's work. You have to work at it a little but you can earn up to 6 buttons a day this way.
  • You can ask a RW friend to help you with a donation of buttons, good luck with this one. Most people want to keep their buttons for their own uses.
  • You may ask another RW user to temporarily loan you buttons. Be aware that you could be asked to pay interest on such a loan.
  • You can play Cosmic Journey. You'll get buttons the first time you beat a stage and each time you get in the top-ten table.
  • You can play 15 puzzle and earn a button each time you get a high score and each time you solve the puzzle in less than 100 moves. (There is a limit of two/three buttons per day.)
item/button-pom.png imageOnce you have some buttons you can purchase a Potted button pom (125 Buttons). A Button Plant that produces buttons once everyday. Must be picked manually to receive buttons. I have several Potted button poms and try to pick them every 24 to 48 hours as often as I can remember.
  • Also, you can sell spray paints and other items you do not want to other registered users.

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user icon The Icons registered user on January 14th 2016

Cool cdl

user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on February 2nd 2016


user icon ツ Mimi Destino ♡ registered user on September 18th 2016

can help me
i need some buttons for buy Set dissolvent
i want deleted some's set of my gallery
and i have some's paints for sell :-D

user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on December 8th 2016

There is a page here that is called Buttons - hot to get and spend them that says:
Another way to obtain buttons is by playing Cosmic Journey. You'll get buttons the first time you beat a stage and each time you get in the top-ten table.

user icon cdl contributing user on December 9th 2016

Thank you for the information, it is included in the blog article now.

user icon Benderbee registered user on January 25th 2017

I'm probably going to try and save up for a potted button pom, meaning I'll have to keep rating people's creations. But it'll be a course of several days and I need to get more and more creative with my replies and stars... I guess I might have to sometimes along the way hold donations to help me save up for that pom... the reason why I want it is when I rate clothing, it's REALLY hard for me to come up with new responses I haven't typed up, and I want an easy source of buttons. Better get started now! icon-image/14485-16x16x32.png image

If you want to help support then go here:

user icon Goodbye registered user on July 31st 2017


user icon Insane GamingYTT registered user on December 17th 2020

What does set dissolvent do??

user icon Anonymous
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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...