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What's the purpose?

What 's the purpose on these cursors and when will appear?
not used anymore
on July 30th 2020

Here's the list.

1.- Handwriting

2.- Alternate Select

3.- Person Select

4.- Location Select

on December 17th 2020

The little arrow that shows the position of your mouse on the screen is the cursor. You can change it from settings >devices >mouse >additional mouse options >pointers. There you change that arrow so it looks different.

on October 19th 2021

No bobcat, hes asking why make these when no-one uses them. I actually use Handwriting sometimes, but not alt person or location.

on October 19th 2021

Some-one knows the purpose. But i am sad to say that I don't

on January 22nd 2022

*someone icon-21557

on January 23rd 2022

hehe imagine putting a dash between some and one

I don't Know Neither :c

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