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custom cursors come up as corrupt

on June 21st 2007

my custom cursors dont even work when i try to use them it tells me my cursor is corrupt

on June 21st 2007

Which cursors? Did you download them from this site or created them yourself using RW Cursor Editor? Please send the problematic files to

The Sword of the Heart
on July 30th 2007

Did you make a set and then rename the folder or any of the files?

Here's the scenario: You made a curor, say, a red arrow. When you save it, you accedentally misspell the filename to 'rdecursor.cur' instead of 'redcursor.cur'. You save it into a folder called 'cursors.'

You apply the cursor and save the scheme as 'red cursor.' The computer saves the directory "C:\Documents and Settings\Jon\My Documents\My Pictures\Cursors\rdecursor.cur." so it can retreive the cursor when your machine loads up again. (Say your name is Jon.)

Anyway, you go back and realize that you named your file 'rdecursor' by mistake. You rename it to 'redcursor.'

When you reload your computer, it says your cursor is missing or corrupt. The fact is, your cursor doesn't exist anymore where you saved it. The computer looks for it at "C:\Documents and Settings\Jon\My Documents\My Pictures\Cursors\rdecursor.cur.". Of course, the computer can't find it, because the new locatoin is "C:\Documents and Settings\Jon\My Documents\My Pictures\Cursors\redcursor.cur.".

There are two ways to fix this problem: rename the cursor back to 'rdecuror' or open your cursor scheme, browse for your cursor, and apply the new name in place of the old one. Click 'Apply.'

That could be what happened.

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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