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Designing cursors can be...hard.

Response to your reviews.
Animelove_1105 ♾️
on October 11th 2022

Hey, everyone. Animelove_1105 here.

Thanks for your reviews on my most recent cursor set! I do really appreciate the reviews you guys send me!

I was normally going to make this a blog post, but I thought that it would be better to put it in here on the forums.

So I was looking at the reviews for my Ovaley Cursor set, and most of you guys thought the design was bad. But the thing is that i'm not very good at cursor design.

Like, how do I make good textures? How do I use shading in the cursor designer? HOW DOES EVERYTHING WORK??????

In short terms, I just need tips on cursor design. It would really help me make better cursors for you guys and get a better reputation on this site.

But some things to note is that the laptop I make cursors on is pretty limited. (It's actually a school laptop lol)

Anyway, I hope you'll help me on making cursors for this site.
Thank you.

- Animelove_1105

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on October 12th 2022

Nah is easy if you are good at graphics

Animelove_1105 ♾️
on October 12th 2022

@VistaMovies264 I don't think I'm very good at graphics yet...

on October 14th 2022

If you want to make smoother cursors, maybe try the preview of the next version of the cursor editor, which supports vector layers, and watch the demo linked here:

Also there will be a another youtube stream on this weekend, where you can ask specific questions related to any rw software.

on October 14th 2022 subscribe to his channel so you can get notified!

on February 26th

@eeveelover64 I was just browsing through pages and I found this one, I actually didn't expect that lol, this forum is dead though so I doubt you'd see this.

on February 26th

nah, i see it lol, i get notified when this thread gets a new message

Animelove_1105 ♾️
on February 27th


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