It’s my birthday tomorrow :D - RealWorld forums

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It’s my birthday tomorrow :D

Say happy bday to me here
Animelove_1105 ♾️
on November 5th 2022

Yeah u heard that right

it’s my birthday tomorrow :D

You’re welcome to say happy birthday to me here in this entry. This is gonna be fun. :-)

Account not found
on November 5th 2022


on November 7th 2022

of fuck uhm im so sorry i didn't notice this before! but uhm happy (late) b-day! how old are you turning?

(again, i am VERRY sorry i didn't respond to this before!)

on November 7th 2022

lol happy birthday. I wasn't online for the weekend so I couldn't see this before. Hope u have a great bday

on November 7th 2022

that was me ---^
i accidently logged out of my account

Henry vntv
on November 20th 2022

wow wow

on November 27th 2022

diavalo says happy birthday and dio says frick you

on November 27th 2022

happy bday ig-

Account not found
on November 28th 2022

the guy above 145936, dude no

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