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Ok TeaserOk Icons
by Amilio134Ghcndhgjhgf
Doodle TeaserDoodle Icons
Windows XP Storage TeaserWindows XP Storage Icons
by User116All the storage icons from the Windows XP operating system.
Windows XP Globe TeaserWindows XP Globe Icons
by User224All the globe icons from windows xp. Give credit to anyone who made t...
RealWorld Software TeaserRealWorld Software Icons
by User48Every RealWorld Graphic software in its present state. Credits to the...
Windows 95 Volume TeaserWindows 95 Volume Icons
by User31These are all the Windows 95 Yellow Speakers, used from Windows 95 un...
Windows 95 Cursor and Mouse TeaserWindows 95 Cursor and Mouse Icons
by User178All Windows 95 icons, representing icons from Mouse properties.
queeara Teaserqueeara Icons
by gutyyyyyyyyu2
Windows XP Multi-Colored Folders TeaserWindows XP Multi-Colored Folders Icons
by User255These are Folders from Windows XP multi-colored using Icon Editor. Ea...
Multi-Colored IE6 E TeaserMulti-Colored IE6 E Icons
by User70The IE6 Icon multi-colored into different colors
RealWorld 2006 Preset TeaserRealWorld 2006 Preset Icons
by User85I downloaded RealWorld Icon editor version 2006.1 from rw-designer.co...
RWDesignerCore.dll TeaserRWDesignerCore.dll Icons
by User46all the icons from one of RealWorld Icon Editor's DLL File located in...
Shiny Green TeaserShiny Green Icons
by macaroni9457Green and glossy icons for all of your icon needs! Their very ICONic ...
Chewy TeaserChewy Icons
by macaroni9452They're chewy. They're round. And they're revolutionary. Designed by ...
[2024 VALENTINES TOTM] Valentines Day Pack Teaser[2024 VALENTINES TOTM] Valentines Day Pack Icons
by ツ☪ sporkz_ ♡♥152. - PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION ツ☪ wubtastic ♡♥ enjoy the set ~ ...
Noca objects TeaserNoca objects Icons
by Noca Madureira55This is Noca objects; with units in crystal and porcelain.
DDORes.dll (Windows 7) TeaserDDORes.dll (Windows 7) Icons
by Animelove_110545DISCLAIMER: These icons were NOT made by me! These were made by Micro...
Vetro (UPDATE 1) TeaserVetro (UPDATE 1) Icons
by rix15Transparent (Glass) Icon Set 17x Folder Icons 2x Trashbin (Empty/Full...
Nocturnal TeaserNocturnal Icons
by rix0The Nocturnal "Black" Icon Set contains: MAIN FOLDER: -This PC -Trash...
On top of desk, desktop TeaserOn top of desk, desktop Icons
by indapni43A set of icons consisting of a few things you'd find on a desk.
Cube Series TeaserCube Series Icons
by indapni60Cubic icons, a little transparency, a little toon shading, a little c...
WinVista Beta TeaserWinVista Beta Icons
by Dark Falcon45Before you comment or download, or you just gonna troll/complain/etc ...
Hot Wheels TeaserHot Wheels Icons
by Doc Brown69Enjoy! (Small vehicle noise)
Vista & Win 7 icons
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