Red eye remover tool

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Red eye remover tool

rsrc/redeye-tool.png image REDEYE drawing tool serves to remove or reduce the red eye effect caused by digital camera flash.

How to use the Red eye remover

Red eye removal tutorial.

Open a photo and zoom in to the area with the red eyes to remove. With Red eye remover tool active, click in the middle of the red eye and drag with left mouse button pressed to define the size of the effect. Then release the button and continue with another eye.

In case of inaccurately selected center or area of effect, simply use the Undo action and try again.

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user icon Anonymous on April 17th 2013

Hello my english is verry bad.
i will that the programm is in germany.
then i know the programm.

sry. then i understand the programm

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hello can you help me ?


user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 17th 2013

Switch to German on the Online page.

user icon Anonymous on July 10th 2016

o que se faz para poder pelo menos entender :-( ;-)

user icon Anonymous on December 15th 2017

thanks this was a big help! :-)

user icon Anonymous on February 21st 2021

i want blue eye tool

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?