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Online page

The Online Page is available in all RealWorld Designer application and can be accessed by opening a new window and clicking on the Online button by the left side of the window.

RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.1's Online Page

The online page has multiple functions:

  • It allows users to log in. Logged-in users may add icons and cursors to the gallery from the application. If they have a license attached to their account, it can be used after confirmation.
  • If translation support is installed, the Language panel can be used to quickly switch language and download latest translation pack.
  • Tutorial panel lists latest tutorials for given application.
  • Plug-in panel shows available extensions and allows their installation and uninstallation.
  • Media packs panel list available image and 3D packs and allows their addition to the local tagged storage.

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user icon HusenPo registered user on July 11th 2013

so what are the advantages of application this time? ;-)

user icon Anonymous on July 28th 2013

I dnt know

do u know ? :-(

user icon Noah Bear registered user on January 3rd 2015

I don't know about this :-(

user icon Anonymous on August 30th 2020

Los programas de RealWorld son completamente compatibles con Windows 10. No hay nececidad de hacer una version exclusiva para Windows 10.

user icon Anonymous on October 31st 2020

yo lo intento pero no sale :-(

user icon Joe registered user on June 5th 2021


user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
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