Raster Image - Resample

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Raster Image - Resample

The Resample operation is an operation plug-in working with raster images and changing their dimensions in pixels.

rsrc/resample-operation-config.png image

No margins are added or removed by this operation. To manipulate canvas size, use the Canvas size or the Remove empty border operations.
The operation works with 32-bit RGBA images. More about image resampling methods.


GUID: 04F9937C-4135-474C-AD27-E414E14DCE7A

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
Modeinteger00=relative, 1=absolute, 2=width, 3=height0,2,3 keep aspect ratio
SizeXAbsinteger256 pixels>=1only used if Mode is 1
SizeYAbsinteger256 pixels>=1only used if Mode is 1
SizeRelinteger50%>=1only used if Mode is 0
SizeXOnlyinteger256 pixels>=1only used if Mode is 2
SizeYOnlyinteger256 pixels>=1only used if Mode is 3
Methodinteger10=nearest, 1=linear, 2=cubic(cubic is only used for magnifying)

Shortcut: CTRL + E

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on February 7th 2013

This is ridiculous! I only want to find out how to resize an image and I get all sorts of Wiki rubbish. Nothing is obvious with this stuff. I've tried lots of different phrases. If I can't even find something simple like selecting an image to resize then I won't be buying it.

user icon Anonymous on June 19th 2013

I don't understand how to resize an image and to mantain proportions. The new image comes out irregular. Very bad program and too complicated!

user icon Anonymous on March 18th 2020

8-) :-D

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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