Batch - Save Result

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Batch - Save Result

Batch - Save Result (called Batch - Save to Destination Folder in earlier versions) is a specialized document operation only available in the batch processor.

It is responsible for saving a file after it has been processed. It is highly recommended to use this operation as the last step in the sequence in any batch operation. If this operation is not used, the changes made to a document will not be saved (this may be occasionally desirable, but usually it is not).

In RealWorld Icon Editor, this operation always saves the result into the default folder. In RealWorld Photos, the destination folder is configurable via a template, where following placeholders can be used:

  • %ROOT% - path to the dropped item.
  • %PATH% - path from the dropped item to the actual file (it may be in a subfolder).
  • %FOLDER% - full path to the folder with the processed file (equals %ROOT%\%PATH%).
  • %BATCH% - the default destination folder (this is a folder inside your temporary folder).
  • %APPFOLDER% - folder where the application or a droplet resides.
  • %INDEX% - a batch counter.
  • %NAME% - name of the saved file.
  • %EXT% - extension of the saved file.

Warning: name and extension might have been changed during the processing. For example, the Set Image Format operation operation changes the extension to the default extension of the selected image type. %EXT% will already contain the changed extension.

The template automatically removed duplicate backslashes (\), so be not afraid of situations that may lead to them (for example when %PATH% is an empty string).

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