Batch mode

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Batch mode

RealWorld Photos and RealWorld Icon Editor can perform operations on multiple documents at once. To start processing files in batch, open a new window and the click on the Batch Mode button by the left size of the window.

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How to batch process

The user interface differs slightly between RealWorld Photos and RealWorld Icon Editor, but the usage scenario is the same:

  1. Select the operation of your choice and eventually configure it.
  2. Drag and drop files (or entire folders) on the window. You can drop them anywhere except the on the lower part of the window, which is reserved for the processed files.
  3. The processing starts. While it runs, you can drag and drop more files to add them to the processing queue, or use another windows of the application for other purposes.
  4. Successfully processed files appear in the lower part of the window. Drag and drop the files to where ever you wish.

Configuring your own operations

RealWorld Icon Editor has 6 fixed batch operations and 2 slots for user defined batch operations. RealWorld Photos does not come with any fixed operations and users can add any number of custom batch operations. To configure a custom operation, select it and click Configure button.

Tips for making custom operations:

  • The batch processor opens each dropped file and runs your custom operation. Nothing more. It is the operation's responsibility to do all the rest. Therefore, you should use the Sequence operation and save the document in the last step of the sequence using the Batch - Save to Destination Folder operation.
  • Examine the list of available operations and transformations. Each RW application has different operations installed. Any installed plug-ins can be used too.
  • The JavaScript operation is a handy tool, capable of adding a bit of intelligence to your operations. You can call the native operations from JavaScript with your own arguments.
  • The Display Configuration operation is optimized for batch mode and it will only display the user interface for the first document in the batch.

Custom batch operations can be exported to files. Not every operation can be used in both RealWorld Icon Editor and RealWorld Photos. If particular component is not available, it will not work properly. For example RW Photos comes with an EXIF support. Operations making use of EXIF will not work in RW Icon Editor.

The specialized Batch - Save to Destination Folder operation is more powerful in RealWorld Photos - users can specify a template for output path and filename and do not need to save files to the default destination folder.

Getting more batch operations

Users can share prepared batch operation using the batch operation archive on this site.

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