Seamless tigerskin texture - Tutorial

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Making seamless tiger skin texture

This tutorial show how to use the new drawing tools (lasso, move and fill) introduced in version 2009.1 of RealWorld Designer-based applications.

Narration transcript

Hello again. New version of RealWorld Paint.COM was released and I'll show you how to use its new drawing tools to make a seamless tiger skin texture.

Create a new image and switch to the Lasso tool in the brush group. Start drawing black spots. Draw an outline and it will be filled automatically. The last drawn shape can also be moved.

Switch to the Move tool. It has 2 modes. It can either fill the exterior with given color or it can wrap the picture around. To make a seamless texture, use the wrap mode.

Keep drawing new spots. Move the picture as needed. This allows you to always draw in the center.

Let's fill the remaining empty spots.

Now, we'll use the last new tool to set a background color. Switch to fill tool. Switch to Draw under mode and choose a color. Our seamless texture is finished. It is of course possible to improve it, but it is out of scope of this tutorial.

The Lasso tool can of course be used to select regions. You'll find it with the other selection tools.

That is all. Thanks for watching.

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