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Select drawing tool

rsrc/simpleselect-tool.png image SELECT is a drawing tool capable of selecting rectangular regions. It is also a meta-tool and can make use of brush tool, ellipse tool or others to modify selection.

Modifier keys

When SHIFT and/or CTRL keys are down while selecting, they modify the behavior of the tool.

  • No keys - previous selection is overwritten by new selection.
  • SHIFT - newly selected region is added to previous selection.
  • CTRL - new selection negates the old selection (also known as symmetrical difference or XOR function).
  • CTRL+SHIFT - newly selected region is removed from previous selection.

SELECT_ meta-tool

Any of the ordinary tools can be modified by the SELECT meta-tool to affect selection instead of ordinary pixels. To specify the meta-tool, use SELECT followed by an underscore and then the name of the ordinary tool. For example: SELECT_BRUSH or SELECT_ELLIPSE. The modifier keys apply to the meta-tools in the same way as to the normal SELECT tool.

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user icon Anonymous on February 17th 2014

How do you get the Colours??

user icon Vlasta site administrator on February 17th 2014

Select a drawing tool that needs colors - like the Pencil.

user icon Anonymous on May 26th 2016

;-)how to shape crop? :-o

user icon Anonymous on August 16th 2016

how get a image?

user icon Anonymous on January 22nd 2019

is there selection with a freeform shape?

user icon Anonymous on September 10th 2020

how do I copy

user icon Anonymous on May 20th 2021

wie mache ich das spiegelverkehrt

user icon Anonymous on December 12th 2021

how do you change the 'a' format

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how to rotate

user icon Anonymous on April 28th 2022
-) 8-) 8 ;-) -)
user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?