Cursor - Set Size

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Cursor - Set Size

This operation allows resizing of static or animated mouse cursors. Windows in standard resolution only allows 32x32 pixels cursors. While designing custom cursors or importing cursors from Linux format, it is sometimes beneficial to use larger than the standard size. This operation can be used before releasing the cursor to make its size standard.

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user icon Anonymous on January 7th 2015

how do I edit the size?

user icon Anonymous on March 1st 2015



user icon PandaPanda40595 registered user on June 21st 2015

i cant change the size :-( please tell me how

user icon Anonymous on August 5th 2015

There's excess "canvas" - transparent pixels - beyond the cursor image.
You can find a way to crop or change the size the canvas (without affecting image).
Windows resizing it to 32x32 effectively enlarges the image - very slightly.

DPI settings can be found in Display Settings > Advanced... tho I forget the exact path I used in XP.
In Windows 10, it now appears as "set a custom scaling level (not recommended)" and only shows % in relation to 'normal', not the related DPI setting.

That being said, and DPI can change the sizes of some things, I'm not convinced it changes the size of mouse cursor. Reducing Screen Resolution does, but; Who wants that?

user icon Anonymous on August 5th 2015

The above process (cropping excess canvas) I can do in GIF format, for an animated cursor.
Possibly a better result might be had by scaling up the image(s) to fill 32x32 exactly and, if/as necessary, adjusting colour of some pixels.

Saving a GIF as an ANI file doesn't seem to work. :-(

user icon Anonymous on August 9th 2015

Couple of corrections:

Using Create > Create from Image from launch screen can indeed convert GIF to ANI successfully.

Custom Scaling at 150% makes cursor 48x48. I don't know what that equates to in DPI; Windows 10 doesn't say.
Would be ok if it didn't increase the size of *everything*.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on August 9th 2015

150% is supposed to be 144dpi, but it of course depends on the size of the display

user icon Anonymous on June 5th 2017

How do I move the animation to the middle of the dotted cross thing, so the animation is not small in the corner, but big and in the center?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on June 8th 2017

try dragging it in the preview window

user icon Anonymous on November 1st 2017


user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...