Cursor - Set Size

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Cursor - Set Size

This operation allows resizing of static or animated mouse cursors. Windows in standard resolution only allows 32x32 pixels cursors. While designing custom cursors or importing cursors from Linux format, it is sometimes beneficial to use larger than the standard size. This operation can be used before releasing the cursor to make its size standard.

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user icon Anonymous on January 11th 2021

i need make cursor in 48x48 size 32x32 very bad
there is a solution ?

user icon Anonymous on April 2nd 2021

как да махна това примигане

user icon Anonymous on June 10th 2021


user icon kazxohaa registered user on September 14th 2021


user icon LewisTehKat28 registered user on September 21st 2021

is there anyway to make it bigger like 64x64 on windows 10?

user icon Anonymous on January 13th 2022

Outdated information, just set the registry entry HKCU:\Control Panel\Cursors\CursorBaseSize to anything above 32 and call SystemParametersInfo in user32.dll to refresh (or restart). I've written a power shell script that lets me
change cursor scheme and size with 2 clicks...

Would love if tools like this would be more flexible at cursor size too...
1. Don't assume cursor having aspect ratio 1:1
2. Don't limit size to 256, 512 or anything rather the technical limit (2^8 for .cur, 2^32 for .ani)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 14th 2022

Although the default options only allow you to change the size to 32 and 48 pixels, the most commonly used sizes these days, you can actually change to another format by just typing the number in the first field. If you dont want a square, type both numbers like "24x40". I would not use sizes above 255, because there is just 1 byte in the .cur and .ani files that specifies dimension, so the file would be invalid.

user icon Anonymous on January 17th 2022



user icon Anonymous on January 10th


user icon Anonymous on October 24th

64 x 64

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
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