Tag guidelines

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The purpose of tags

In the Gallery, tags are mainly used to find sets related to the viewed set. These are displayed by the right side of each page. Alternatively, users can browse sets in the gallery having a concrete tag.

Choosing the right tags

  • choose the most relevant tags - if your set is about the game RuneScape, pick the RuneScape and not the Game tag
  • don't pick tags that only apply to one or two items in the set, the tag must be related to the whole set - if your set is mostly blue with few items in green or red, only assign the Blue tag and not the others
  • if you cannot find the right tag for your set, you may suggest a new one - only suggest a tag that has the proper specificity, new tag is not needed when there are less than 10 sets in the library that it would apply to; similarly, if the tag is too broad and would apply to more than 20% of existing sets, it is not helpful for finding relevant related sets
  • don't re-add tags that were removed by the library moderator
  • never use more than 6 tags

Repeatedly not following these rules may result in removing of your ability to modify tags at all.

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