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Icons or cursors often used in a desktop application - like copy/paste icons, new document icon, open file icon or help icon.

Custom 5×7 Dot Matrix Character TeaserCustom 5×7 Dot Matrix Character Icons
by StickyChannel9264This is a custom set of the 5×7 Dot Matrix Character Icons.
Coloured Default TeaserColoured Default Cursors
by LightningBoy2527574The default cursors, but in bright colours. BTW sub to my youtube cha...
Glowing Energy TeaserGlowing Energy Cursors
by Fungu2622Normal cursors that have been made to glow bright with energy, to bri...
Discord TeaserDiscord Cursors
by Mushry1952A simple Discord cursor set made by me! More cursors will be added so...
Windows 95 PLUS! TeaserWindows 95 PLUS! Icons
by Vlazteron532This is a icon set that contains all the icons from "Windows 98 PLUS!...
Tetris TeaserTetris Icons
by Abran115All tetris Tetromino icons that were used
Developers Pack Green TeaserDevelopers Pack Green Icons
by RIDDLER263I have downloaded and uploaded this "Developers Pack Green" icon set ...
Rainbow Hand Drawn TeaserRainbow Hand Drawn Cursors
by Emanuel464created animations with: copying and overwriting but the only thing I...
My RealWorld TeaserMy RealWorld Icons
by Vlazteron76These are my versions of the icons from RealWorld Software. Every ico...
Text Edition TeaserText Edition Cursors
by Random173This is a completely unique set made with Windows 10's notepad.
Cookie Run TeaserCookie Run Cursors
by LunaMaple648578The famous cookies of Cookie Run have come to wish you an amazing tim...
Maxthon TeaserMaxthon Icons
by Maxthon13Maxthon web browser icons.
Google TeaserGoogle Icons
by Insane Gamez29Everyone needs google icons!!!
Retro Style TeaserRetro Style Icons
by Dark_Samus54The icon version of my previously released cursor pack
Custom Discord Logos TeaserCustom Discord Logos Icons
by Insane Gamez28Change your Discord app logo with these custom Discord logos!
SNES TeaserSNES Cursors
by StickyChannel92124Original cursor here:
NES TeaserNES Cursors
by StickyChannel92248Original cursor here:
Terraria complete TeaserTerraria complete Cursors
by HellendenGamer370this is a full cursor set based on Terraria, may reupload in the futu...
Red Blue Gradient App TeaserRed Blue Gradient App Icons
by Insane Gamez408These won't look perfect because use an online photoshop sorta websit...
Got Talent Star TeaserGot Talent Star Cursors
by Thereader228Hello! here is Got Talent star cursor set, I hope you liked it. and p...
Youtube TeaserYoutube Cursors
by Thereader645Hello Youtube lovers! Here is a youtube cursor set I hope you liked t...
Number Buttons TeaserNumber Buttons Icons
by The Icongineer39A set of 9 number buttons. Useful in programs that require selecting ...
Ripped Aseprite TeaserRipped Aseprite Icons
by eeveelover64196Ripped using Icons Extractor, Buy Aseprite here: https://steamcommuni...
SRB2 Legacy TeaserSRB2 Legacy Icons
by eeveelover64114Ripped using Icons Extractor Download the game here: https://www.srb2...
Faust the Snake (The Arcana) TeaserFaust the Snake (The Arcana) Cursors
by mayfrogs496Recolor of original snake cursor set by hhhh (
New Mario Super Star Saga TeaserNew Mario Super Star Saga Cursors
by Frangel ッ937"Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Sprites from Sprit...
SGI Irix TeaserSGI Irix Cursors
by DaftiPunki673Recreation of the red mouse cursor from Silicon Graphics Irix. Origin...
Bowser TeaserBowser Cursors
by Frangel ッ376 Bowser Cursors, Sprites From "Sprites Resource"
Monkey D. Luffy TeaserMonkey D. Luffy Cursors
by Frangel ッ546Luffy Marineford Cursors, Sprites from "Sprites Resource"
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