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Tag: Windows 8

Art related to the Windows 8 operating system.

Bevelled Windows 8 TeaserBevelled Windows 8 Cursors
by Sree1157This cursor set is a bevelled version of the original cursors of Wind...
(Windows 8) Aero Beveled Teaser(Windows 8) Aero Beveled Cursors
by The Muffin Man902Used a Windows 8 cursor theme and beveled it with RWCE.
Windows 8 Windows Logo TeaserWindows 8 Windows Logo Cursors
by The Muffin Man483Added Windows Logo designs to the cursors.
Custom Windows 8 TeaserCustom Windows 8 Cursors
by The Muffin Man503These were from DeviantArt. Arrow included.
Scroll Bar TeaserScroll Bar Cursors
by The Muffin Man109These ones: * Original Vertical Scrolling Cursor.cur * Original Horiz...
Color V2 TeaserColor V2 Cursors
by The Muffin Man1675This update includes a kind-of-glowing effect on the cursors. This is...
Ultimate Windows Beveled TeaserUltimate Windows Beveled Cursors
by The Muffin Man479This is a set that has beveled effects. I added some custom cursors f...
Ultimate Windows Beveled (Shadowed) TeaserUltimate Windows Beveled (Shadowed) Cursors
by The Muffin Man1612This is a remix of my other one. The only change is the shadows. |11/...
Crosshair Green TeaserCrosshair Green Cursors
by Lokin Lynkast1828A Green crosshair set inspired by an earlier rendition I did under th...
Red TeaserRed Cursors
by CreeperKing0000129
Zounds TeaserZounds Cursors
by RIDDLER172The Zounds cursor sets only come with 5 cursors. They are all coloriz...
Numbers XXL Green TeaserNumbers XXL Green Cursors
by RIDDLER107Have you ever wanted to use a full set of numbers to your cursor role...
Aero black/green TeaserAero black/green Cursors
by Lightcm743Animated cursor. Credits: creado a base de ml_blue https://maik.devia...
Mal's Custom Mouses Collection TeaserMal's Custom Mouses Collection Cursors
by Xyaena4725This is the collection of some static and animated mouse cursors. I a...
by netbrain35
Mal's Custom Mouses Collection v2 TeaserMal's Custom Mouses Collection v2 Cursors
by Xyaena983This is a v2 of the mouse cursors. More improved thanks to help from ...
Win 10 Highlighted Default TeaserWin 10 Highlighted Default Cursors
by Mahdi1608Win 10 Highlighted Default Cursors
Rainbow TeaserRainbow Cursors
by RIDDLER379I have always wanted to create a unique rainbow cursor set that would...
Basic Black White TeaserBasic Black White Cursors
by srbigodon208Basic black white set of cursors
Vista & Win 7 icons
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