Cursor Set - (Windows 8) Aero Beveled

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(Windows 8) Aero Beveled Cursors

(Windows 8) Aero Beveled
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Used a Windows 8 cursor theme and beveled it with RWCE.

Tags: Windows 8 3D


by The Muffin Man

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user icon The Muffin Man registered user on April 13th 2016

Thanks! :-D

user icon Anonymous on May 4th 2016

+Spaceman, all white not grey..

user icon The Muffin Man registered user on May 4th 2016


user icon Spacegirl registered user on May 11th 2016

can u7 this set in white? :-)

user icon The Muffin Man registered user on June 6th 2016

I'm not sure what you mean.

user icon Anonymous on June 21st 2016

What about the default cursors? You know, the ones Built-In with Win8... XD

user icon The Muffin Man registered user on October 12th 2016

I can't upload those. I would get in trouble.

user icon Anonymous on July 19th 2017

Know where I can find the non-beveled version?

user icon Anonymous on August 29th 2017

Maybe on the other cursor websites.

user icon Anonymous on June 23rd

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user icon Anonymous