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Unicorn3D subsystem

Unicorn3D was developed as school project in years 1998-2000. It was supposed to be a NURBS modeling tool for educational purposes, but ended up being much more.

Unicorn3D was the first application to utilize the cooperating plug-ins design pattern. U3D modules (plug-ins) were able to cooperate in

There were actually two flavors of Unicorn3D, one using DirectX 6 and the other one using OpenGL for rendering. The DirectX 6 version was able to display the 3D models using red-green stereo.

The name Unicorn3D

The application's initial name has been Model Editor (with the default extension for 3D documents of .med). Since this was an unimaginative name, it was changed to Unicorn3D in 1999. The Uni- in the name stands for universal (to emphasize the plug-in based architecture), the rest of the name has no meaning...

Recent comments

user icon Mikey Z registered user on May 14th 2013

Is it still available? This is referenced in several tutorials, but I don't know if there are any apps that can create these models.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on May 14th 2013

Only the icon editor has it.

user icon Mikey Z registered user on May 29th 2013

Ahhh, I see. *download*

user icon Anonymous on June 1st 2013

Hey, this would be really cool as a standalone program. Do you think you could try it? I'd love to get it!

user icon Mikey Z registered user on June 4th 2013

Hey, yeah! I totally agree with Anonymous dude. Or at least put into the next RW-Paint release. Vlasta, what do you think?

I like that idea... I wonder what happens if I move all the 3D-related DLLs from Cursor editor to the Paint folder... nah, to scared of the idea of breaking it...

user icon Anonymous on April 26th 2016


user icon Anonymous on March 15th 2017

You will not turn it into japanese again. ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on July 4th 2018

How can I turn a 3D object into an icon .ico file? :-o

user icon Anonymous
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What about ICL files?